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/What I do

WordPress sites including theme design, setup, plugin install etc.

Print design such as menus for restaurants, flyers, business cards etc

Help with CSS issues, script installation, server setup, theme install etc.


I will create your new website with WordPress or HTML5, depending on your needs.

   With WordPress it is a good way to go if you want a website for your restaurant, small company, school’s, shop of other services you provide in your field. A site with WordPress is good, for it has an easy backend. And you can update it easy if you have a blog, news, booking system etc.

If you use HTML, it is for sites that only brings info and no need to update for visitors. It is good a an informational site and good for business that only ned to put simple info online. So they can be found.


When it comes to content, and by the chosen package, you must provide it to me or add it yourself.

If you have chosen that i out in the content such as text, contact info, images, you must provide it to me.

If you have chosen to add the content yourself such as text, contact info, images you will be guided in this. I will put my standard images that you must delete and not use in your productional site (they are only for guide). I will add standard text wich is in latin, and only used to guide your where to add your text and replace the latin text. In contact field i will add my contact detail or standard details to guide and for you to replace with your own.


I give full suport, and length of support depends on packages you choose below on the site.

  Everything i provide from packages      have their update terms. So you do not have to worry on how to update.  Just write me and i will begin the update on your site. The update terms are only for scripts, plugins, design i have provided. And does not mean updates on content you have added.


/Work done so far

Here is a list of projects i have already done with satisfaction from clients. Hope to grow this number in time and be able to provide cheap deals.

About Me

/Who Am I

Linart’s Web is a private designing place for websites, print and graphic designs. Here work is done with a professional touch to bring products that fulfills clients needs. Every design or project i do with pleasure. I love the internet and try to learn everyday for my needs and future. Websites are done with WordPress. So you must like WordPress to order me.


I can also do print designs and graphics, dependning on the request.

If you are in need of installing a script, plugin, moving between servers, css issues etc. I can help you with that.


Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

- Steve Jobs -

Pricing Table



With this package, i will install any script on your server. I will also setup your server to be ready for install scripts. Will install plugins or theme. This package is simply just for helping you install something.


I will do everything beside add the content for you such as text, images, info. You must add it yourself. Good if you already have a website and just need a new design and look.


I will design and add all the content you provide in your website.


This is for online shop websites. This is also for those who wants online catalogue (product showcase without option of online purchase).


If your project is big, big shop, big info website etc, contact me with your project and get a price.

Basic Site

50help with install only or general support

  • no to design
  • 0 pages
  • yes to Wordpress
  • no to Woocommerce
  • yes to server setup
  • yes to domain emails
  • no to i add your images
  • no to i add your text
  • no support
  • no free program updates
  • Contact Me

Premium Site

300i design it and add your content

  • yes to design
  • 4 pages
  • yes to Wordpress
  • no to Woocommerce
  • yes to server setup
  • yes to domain emails
  • yes to i add your images
  • yes to i add your text
  • 1 year support
  • 1 year free program updates
  • Contact Me

Shop Site

???online shop with your products

  • yes to design
  • unlimited pages
  • yes to Wordpress
  • yes to Woocommerce
  • yes to server setup
  • yes to domain emails
  • yes to i add your images
  • yes to i add your text
  • 1 year support
  • 1 year free program updates
  • Contact me for price


/Get in touch with me